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​Adventure Travel in Tokyo


60 minutes

Due to its approximately 60-minute distance from the heart of Tokyo (Shinjuku Station), it is ideal for day trips during your travels.



Wilderness Tokyo

The Tokyo mountainous area, which is just a 60-minute journey from the city center, boasts a national park and two flowing valleys. Here, you can experience activities such as river rafting, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), hiking, trail running, and fishing (including fly fishing).

For example, Mount Takao in Hachioji City, often said to gather the world's highest number of climbers, is home to approximately 1,600 plant species, which is said to be equivalent to the number found across the entire United Kingdom. Furthermore, there is such diversity in the distribution of plants between the north and south sides of Mount Takao that it is said to host over 5,000 species of insects. "Tokyo's mountainous area" can be seen as a microcosm of the water cycle and ecosystem that connects the great nature, metropolis, and the vast Pacific Ocean.


都心部からわずか60分で着く東京山側は国立公園を有し、2つの渓谷が流れる。そこではリバーリング、SUP、登山、トレイルランニング、釣り(フライフィッシングなど)のアクティビティが味わえる。 例えば、年間260万⼈と⾔われている世界⼀の登⼭者を集める⾼尾⼭(東京都⼋王⼦市)には、およそ1600種もの植物が⽣息し、これはイギリス全⼟に⽣息する数と同等のと⾔われています。また、⾼尾⼭の南北でも植物の分布が異なるほどの多様性があり、5000種を超える昆⾍も⽣息すると⾔われ、『東京⼭側』は⼤⾃然〜⼤都会〜⼤海(太平洋)が繋がる⽔循環と⽣態系の縮図と⾔えます。

Many cultural history

History of Musashigokichi: Musashigokichi is a town that has prospered since ancient times, and it boasts historical buildings and relics. There are spots of interest for history enthusiasts such as the ruins of Gokichi Castle, temples, and shrines.

Mountain Worship: The western Tama area is home to many mountains, which have been objects of mountain worship since ancient times. Shrines and temples associated with mountain worship are scattered throughout the region, and traditional festivals and events are held.

History of the Warring States Period: The western Tama area also became a stage for historical events during the Warring States Period. There are castles and historical sites from the Warring States Period scattered throughout the Tama region, making it an appealing area for history enthusiasts.


武蔵五日市の歴史: 武蔵五日市は古代から栄えた町で、歴史的な建造物や遺跡が残っています。五日市城跡や寺院、神社など、歴史愛好家にとって興味深いスポットがあります。 山岳信仰: 西多摩エリアには多くの山があり、これらの山は古代から山岳信仰の対象とされてきました。山岳信仰に関連した神社やお寺が点在しており、伝統的な祭りや行事が行われています。 戦国時代の歴史: 西多摩エリアは戦国時代にも歴史的な出来事の舞台となりました。多摩地域には戦国時代の城跡や史跡が点在しており、歴史ファンには魅力的なエリアです

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